Liceu Ludgero Lima

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Mindelo, Mindelo
Praia Cape Verde

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The National College of Cape Verde, headquartered in São Vicente is created by Law No. 701, published in the Government Gazette (now the Official Gazette) No 93, Ist Series, from June 13, 1917, and Suplementodo Government Gazette No. 173 , Ist Series, dated 8 October 1917, with the designation of "Infante D. Henrique Central High School." This secondary educational institution was abolished by Decree nº28114 of 26 October 1937, not reaching, however, be no interruption in its operation, because this unpopular measure was repealed by Decree No. 28229 of November 24, 1937, passing to be called the "Liceu Gil Eanes." The National College of Cape Verdeiniciou their activities in a house belonging to Senator Augusto Vera-Cruz, located in New Square, passing later to another facility behind the Palace, the Old College and finally to a building built from scratch, located in Tea Cemetery, opened in the academic year 1967/68, which remains to this day. Aquandoda revolution of the Cape Verdean national life, with the fall of the Estado Novo, 1933-1974, in Portugal, had to change his patron. Thus, from May 19, 1975, by ministerial decree, published in the Official Bulletin No. 21 of 24 May 1975 shall be designated "National Liceu Ludgero Lima", named after the freedom fighter of the country and former -funcionário this Educational Establishment of baptismal name, Ludgero Lima, born on March 24, 1934, in the parish of Sloppy, St. John the Baptist, Paúl the county, St. Anthony, and that, in 1969, adheres to the liberation struggle for the Independence of Cape Verde. Dies at 23 March 1975, road accident victim.

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