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Unipupil Campus Taylor's Lane, Dublin 8,
Dublin Ireland

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UniPupil by creating a ‘One Stop Educational Technology’, for all key education stakeholders (students, education institutions, accommodation providers, education agents, service providers, companies and countries) will change the way education works in the world i.e., enabling global education players to connect and work together online to maximise and operationalizing all core components of their business online. 




To provide our ‘One Stop Global Educational platform’ for our International Students UniPupil partners with:-- 


  • Educational institutions  looking to attract international students creating an attractive global online education presence; 

  • Accommodation providers interested in providing accommodation to international students their visiting parents and friends;

  • Companies that are looking to promote internships and graduate jobs; 

  • Education Service Providers who are looking to advertise their services on a targeted international promotional platform;

  • Education Agents who are looking for a comprehensive solution for their international students.


WHAT IS OUR GOAL:  We are here to connect the education market at a global level, supporting the international student through their search for languages, education, accommodation and professional employment to enable successful transition from education to the workforce.


LONG TERM VISION FOR UniPupil:  Creating sustained and fundamental positive change, enabling economies to flourish through alignment of economic needs with education is our long-term passion for UniPupil.  


Diversity is our foundation and core operating principle, which is reflective of how we built this company with people from all over the world.  


The overall premise of our company is to focus on enabling students’ education to be aligned with the future jobs…then everyone wins:

  • Students are fulfilled and marketable

  • Corporates can address their skills needs and meet demands to compete/grow in the market;

  • Countries fulfill their workforce needs and economies flourish


SOLUTION:  GLOBAL Education Market

Cloud Based  Global Graduate Recruitment technology aligned with industry skills gap and future job demands, at the start of the higher education cycle, integrated with UniPupil's ‘One-Stop Global Education’ portal, supporting international students from high school to graduate job.






Why UniPupil was developed:   From my masters studies in Smurf Business School, Dublin, Ireland, I came to realise, that many of the interventions while well intentioned in underdeveloped countries, haven't worked to the extent that is required to create sustainable change.   However, what better way to create positive Global change than through a Global Education platform that supports and connects all of the key players to interact, support and worth together on a Global Education Network such as UniPupil’s One Stop Education platform”.  Fiona Leigh (CEO & Founder UniPupil) 

It is my hope that through the realisation of this Global platform it will enable and support automation and efficiency creating a ‘Large Global Education Network’ empowering educational institutions Globally to generate greater revenue and connectivity with educational institutions and education players around the world, supporting them to: 


i)   create a better value added service for their international students;

ii)  connect and work across all levels and education players to realise their goals and drive 

    greater equality across education and standard of living; 

ii)  ability to commercialise their research projects more ‘expediently’ leveraging of expertise

    from other players internationally, bringing real world improvements into people’s day to day

    lives, quicker leveraging of Global expertise through the Global One Stop Education platform.

With UniPupil, the world of education is right at your fingertips.

To create your own profile page for your Educational Institution, becoming part of the UniPupil ‘One Stop Education’ portal, promoting your educational institution/s and services all over the World,  


To get your educational institution showcased on the UniPupil ‘One Stop Global Education’ platform it takes two simple steps:--


  • Register 
  • Add one / multiple Educational Institutions in your own dedicated self managed account area, with appealing pictures, videos, description, social media and location / maps.
  • Once you have added one / multiple of your Educational Institutions in your own dedicated self managed account areas,  you can then







Meet the Team

John Long Department: Art Position: Teacher
He is the teacher of Visual...
Anna Hanks Department: mathematics Position: Teacher
With 20 years teaching.

Abstract Art

From: 02/01/2023To: 30/06/2023
Closing Date for Application: 22/11/2022
Language: English
Domestic: USD, $900.00More info

Abstract Art 2

From: 01/02/2023To: 25/05/2023
Closing Date for Application: 01/01/2023
Language: English
International: USD, $100.50More info

Aeronautical Engineering

From: 29/09/2023To: 31/05/2024
Closing Date for Application: 31/03/2023
Language: English
Domestic: USD, $15.00More info

Aerospace Engineering 4

From: 29/09/2023To: 31/05/2024
Closing Date for Application: 31/03/2023
Language: English
Domestic: USD, $11.00More info

DomFullPayment Testing

From: 29/09/2023To: 31/05/2024
Closing Date for Application: 31/03/2023
Language: English
Domestic: USD, $400.00International: USD, $800.00More info

English Language

Language: English
International: USD, $500.00More info

French Language

Language: French
Domestic: USD, $1,000.00for4 week classInternational: USD, $2,000.00for4 week classMore info

IntFullPayment Testing

From: 29/09/2023To: 31/05/2024
Closing Date for Application: 31/03/2023
Language: English
Domestic: USD, $400.00International: USD, $800.00More info