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Mathilda Cosi



I am Mathilda. I am an Italian highschool student who is  currently studying tourism at Fossati da Passano in Italy, which is one of  the high schools  located in my city.  Now, I am in Dublin, and I will stay here for a month in order to complete an internship in a Social Media support role. This internship is part of the PON Project, which is the National Operational Program of the Ministry of Education, University and Research. This is an organization that contains all the strategic priorities of the school sector, which is possible thanks to European Structural Funds.


While I am interning in Dublin, I am staying with a host family.  My housemother, Teresa, is taking care of me, and will do so for the whole month. She is a lovely woman, and I think that when I  go back to Italy, I will miss her.


My responsibilities at Unipupil include: maintaining the Instagram accounts, publishing social media posts, and monitoring the hashtags; as well as taking care of the Unipupil blog pages.


I am here because I want to improve my English skills to help me reach my future goals. One day I would like to work in fashion, and to help my career as I advance through school, I have to know as many languages as possible.  This opportunity to be a part of Unipupil will help me, because it will put me in touch with people from all over the world.


This experience is so important to me  that I decided to remember it with a tattoo of a shamrock, a symbol of Dublin.


Among other things,  this is the first time I have been to Ireland.  

While here, I have visited other Irish cities, such as Galway; Belfast; and Kilkenny, as well as other places with  wonderful natural landscapes like Glendalough and Cliffs of Moher.

I am very happy to have this experience here - I think it will make me grow a lot, both personally and at work.


  • How Unipupil could help students like me:


Unipupil can help students like me who also want to study abroad with the intention of discovering new places and cultures, and improving their language skills through creating connections with people who come from different parts of the world Unipupil can even help extend your international experience through helping you find an internship or a graduate job after your program.


Unipupil is a technological startup that allows you to find the international school that suits you through providing you with photos, videos, descriptions, and comfortable accommodation, and even helping you find an internship or a  job after graduation.


Because of  my institute and my professors this year, I had the opportunity to do a one-month internship here in Dublin. Working  with the CEO of Unipupil, Fiona Leigh, and my other colleagues at Unipupil from different countries, I discovered all that Unipupil can offer to schools that want to promote intercultural exchanges.


  • How Unipupil can help Students and High Schools like Fossati da Passano:






  •  Mathilda’s school project


For this reason, with Fiona and my colleagues, we decided to have a meeting with my teachers and the principal of my school to start an interesting project. 

In October, it will be revealed to the "Technical Scientific Committee"  (comitato scientifico tecnico) of my city.   


This committee enables the connection of students who have just finished school with the job market: in La Spezia the main sectors are: tourism, the port and boating. the tourist industry, the boat construction industry, and the shipping container industry. Now, the team that I am part of is working on an exciting presentation about what Unipupil can offer to my local market which will explain why "Technical Scientific Committee"  should  join the Unipupil team.


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