My experience in Dublin

Hello, my name is Carla González. I am from Barcelona, Spain and I am 19 years old.

Currently, I am working as a community manager in Unipupil, in Dublin thanks to my grant of Erasmus+.

Before getting the grant, I was extremely sure that my favorite destination was Dublin because five years ago I came here for two weeks to learn English which I really enjoyed and I wanted to come one second time. Fortunately, I got a grant to come to Dublin.  

Currently, I am studying marketing and advertising in Barcelona. The opportunity to work abroad in Ireland is giving me a very good work experience and some very good experiences in this fantastic country (Ireland). I have met and spent a lot of time with people whom I had a very good time and I am discovering Dublin. One of the reasons to come here was to improve my English skills, and of course, I did it because I wanted to experience working and interacting with people from all over the World.  As a community manager in UniPupil I am on a daily basis communicating with people from all over the world, they are from Turkey, Italy, France, and India.

This has been one of the best opportunities in my life. I traveled, I met new international people, I am getting work experience and as a person, I am becoming more independent and confident

This experience of working abroad will be a very positive and important part of my future work and career progression. Based on my positive experience I want to encourage people to study and work abroad because it will give you many good things. Live this experience!