Influx English School

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Rua Jacaranda 208, Fazenda Rio Grande
Paraná Brazil
The idea of creating an English language school unlike anything in the market arose when four highly experienced professionals in the field of language teaching realized that existing schools did not meet students' expectations. On the one hand, there were rapid but superficial courses. On the other hand, effective traditional courses, however, are very long. It lacked a school that offered more effective teaching than the fast courses, and that it taught advanced English in less time than the traditional courses. This motivated Ricardo Leal, Eduardo Leal, Leonardo Paixão and Paulo Tavares to create an innovative method of teaching that combines two of the most effective approaches to language teaching: the Communicative and Lexical approach. So they came up with a method that could teach advanced English in two and a half years. With this strong differential, in 2004 the first inFlux unit emerged in Curitiba (PR). In just six months the first franchises were opened, and the school network has strengthened year after year.

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