English Tips - Past Perfect Simple

Leonardo Camerlingo

Past Perfect Simple

Last week, Jane and Sofia entered into a competition. They played a collectible card game. They had practiced and searched for the best cards for 8 months before they entered in the competition. They were very good.

Jane and Sofia's friends went with them to the venue where the competition took place. Before that day, they had never seen Jane and Sofia play. In fact, Jane and Sofia had never played in front of anyone they knew. After everyone had played several matches, everyone saw that Jane and Sofia had won. They were the best players in the competition. Sofia said she had never practiced so hard before! She was glad they had practiced a lot.

As we can see from the story above the past perfect simple is basically used to talk about completed actions before a moment in the past.

  • After everyone had played several matches, everyone saw.


Here we can see the past perfect is used to indicate that an action happened before another. First they had played several matches and after everyone saw.


  • I had never seen such a beautiful place before I went to Japan.
  • I did not have any money because I had lost it at the casino.
  • Jack knew Dublin so well because he had visited the city several times.
  • Had Emma ever studied German before she moved to Berlin?
  • He only understood the movie because he had read the book.
  • Anna had never been to a concert before last night.
  • They were not able to get a hotel room because they had not booked in advance.



      Born in small village in the south of Italy Leonardo Camerlingo is an English

      language teacher who learned to love the English language through

      his experiences in the UK and Ireland. After completing a Bachelor’s Degree

      in Business Economics he started to nurture his real passion.

     He attended several courses abroad and became an English teacher 

    after taking the Cambridge Celta Certificate at the English Academy in Dublin in 2013.

 Currently he teaches privately and he is attending a well-known language university in Milan where,

not only is he continuing to specialise in the English language but he  has also  

taken up the study of the Japanese language.



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