CROSS FUNCTIONAL TEAMWORK: An intercultural experience in Dublin

Alexandru Schneider

Hi everyone!

I am Alex and I am a student from Switzerland. Currently I am studying at the college Kantonsschule am Brühl (KBS).

I am currentlIy studying IT-engineering. Over these summer holidays I am participating in a language study abroad program with an optional internship. 

While in Ireland, attended school for four weeks, and then began my internship at Unipupil.

At Unipupil, I am responsible for testing the website. I test the website mainly for defects and bugs - when I notice a problem, I either take care of the issue myself, or I speak with a more senior member of the tech team. 

I am studying abroad in Dublin because I want to improve my English skills by working with a great international team.

In the future, I would like to work as a computer scientist being a part of Unipupil will help me reach that goal because I have learned to communicate with people from different countries like Italy, India. Spain, and the United States. 

It is the first time I have visited Dublin, Ireland, and while here, I have also visited other cities like Brey, Belfast and Howth. While exploring, I have seen many cliffs, but I think that the most beautiful ones were the Cliffs of Moher.


In this picture you can see me and my colleagues on the left and on the right you can see me in Belfast. By the way, I loved Belfast more than Dublin because of the pink buses.


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