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Santiago 1819-1925,
We are a bilingual, co-educational school with Chilean and British traditions. We warmly welcome families, value open mindedness, appreciate cultural and religious diversity, and promote teamwork. Our Educational Project fully integrates the academic and formative areas so that each pupil reaches his/her full potential as a person. Together with the family, teachers and pupils, Craighouse School strives to build a positive school culture, and to ensure that every pupil feels safe and secure at all times. Our core values serve as guiding principles in the school’s day-to-day life and are expected to orient the decisions and judgments made by pupils, families and staff members. Both the academic and formative curricula in our school provide opportunities for pupils to develop their individual talents and interests in many and very diverse domains – including the mathematical and scientific, artistic and humanistic, as well as in languages, sports, and social, emotional and spiritual areas.

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