Centro de Diseno Arquitectura y Construccion

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Ave. Gracias a Dios Calle Ocotepeque Casa 1323, Tegucigalpa
Francisco Morazan Honduras
The Center for Design, Architecture and Construction (CEDAC), better known as the University of Design, was created in 1996 in Tegucigalpa by agreement of the Higher Education Council and under the patronage of the Design and Habitat Foundation. This same year CEDAC began its operations with the degree of Architecture. Later, Graphic Design careers were opened with the option of undergraduate and Interior Design with the option of associating degree and undergraduate. In 2007, CEDAC began its operations in San Pedro Sula, offering the same careers. Since its inception, CEDAC has also given various workshops, free courses and diploma courses on topics related to design, which have been available not only for students but also for the community in general. Today, CEDAC has a campus in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula and has developed as a university, with several outstanding agreements and achievements that have made it a university of excellence. Its objectives are to prepare professionals and technicians in the disciplines of design, architecture and construction in an integral manner and within the context of the needs of the country; as well as spreading science and technology through development and research projects, applying design as an invariable norm, satisfying the social demands of the country, companies, community groups and individual clients.

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