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Managing Nerves to Ace Exams

In todays blog we will be looking at the effects nerves can have on student’s exams. We will discuss how anxiety can hinder a student’s performance on their big day and give tips on how to remain calm and focused for exams. Many colleges have...

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How To Improve Concentration for Effective Study

With end of term fast approaching it is easy for students to become distracted from their studies. The Summer is nearly here and many students will be preoccupied with topping up their tan and planning what they will do in the Summer months. However, this time of the year is very important in...

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Barbara Perna (Italy)

Today we will be looking at Barbara's experiences in Ireland while she was completing a 3 month internship as part of her Marketing Degree. She gives a funny and honest account of her experiences of moving to another country, learning English and Irish culture.

Barbara (Italian)...

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